5 Steps To Closing A Sale


So you have either been in the network marketing industry for some time or you are brand new.  Either way you may be looking for some help closing a sale.  This can be a daunting task for both new and experienced marketers alike.  It just so turns out that closing a sale may not be quite as difficult as you might think.

Closing A Sale With The Independent Online Network Marketers

I am a founding member of an organization known as the Independent Online Network Marketers, or IONM for short.  We were founded on the sole principal of teaching and training the new and struggling network marketer.  IONM was founded in January 2013 and we teach our team a 5 step process to prospecting and closing a sale.  We do all of this while maintaining a 24/7 support system for the entire team.  It’s honestly the most supportive team I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of in this industry.  It stands to reason that at IONM we only have a 38% failure rate where as the industry failure rate as a whole is 97%.

Would You Like To Learn The 5 Step Process To Closing A Sale?

If you are serious about getting your network marketing business off the ground and building a wall of wealth around you and your family then I invite you to see what the Independent Online Network Marketers are all about.  I welcome you to come chat with me on Facebook for additional information.  You can also take a look at the vehicle that we are using at IONM to earn our income by clicking Here.

Our mission at IONM is not only to teach you the 5 steps to closing a sale but to help you teach your team to do so as well.  As many of you may already know, duplication is one of the key components to your success in this industry.  Let’s be honest.  If you aren’t closing a sale on a daily basis then you are going out of business.  We want to help keep you in business.

closing a sale

Have you heard of the Independent Online Network Marketers?  If so, do you know what we are all about?  I would like to take just a few minutes of your time and clear that up for you.  First and foremost, the Independent Online Network Marketers, or IONM for short, was founded by Chris Wright and Sam Lee.

independent online network marketers

Chris Wright

independent online network marketers

Sam Lee


Independent Online Network Marketers – The Beginning



IONM was founded in January of 2013 with the sole purpose to help the new and struggling marketers in the network marketing industry.  We had grown tired of watching bad sponsors.  By bad sponsor I mean someone that tells you whatever you want to hear in order to recruit you but then become nonexistent once they get your money.  This would leave the new recruit confused and lost with no where to turn.  It’s because of bad sponsors like the one described above that the network marketing industry currently has a 97% failure rate.  It has been and always will be the goal of the Independent Online Network Marketers to lower that failure rate.  Our organization currently has only a 38% failure rate.

You may ask how we have been able to bring that failure rate to such a low percentage.  It’s really quite simple.  We aren’t the kind of sponsor that will take your money and run.  Not only does the Independent Online Network Marketers offer virtually 24/7 support to all of it’s members but we teach and train you every step of the way.  These are the reasons why our failure rate is so much lower than the rest of the industry.


The Future of The Independent Online Network Marketers

The goal of the Independent Online Network Marketers is to continue to lower the industry failure rate by helping as many people as we can create a wall of wealth around themselves and continuing to offer outstanding support to our team.  I invite you to connect with me on Facebook so that we can discuss IONM in more detail.

If you are serious about moving forward with the Independent Online Network Marketers and building a wall of wealth around you and your family then please have a look at our vehicle for earning income.


Social Monkee Review


So, you’ve created a new web page or blog post and you are looking to get yourself some quality back links so that you can rank higher on Google and other search engines.  Maybe even to the coveted number one spot.  As we all know, the higher the rank in the search engines, the more traffic to your page.  Of course more traffic equals more $$ for you!  You have come to this page because you may have been told about Social Monkee by a friend and you’re looking for more information.  Look no further as this Social Monkee Review is designed to give you everything you need to know about it as well as some personal experience from myself.

social monkee review

Social Monkee Review – The Basics

The fact that you are reading this review leads me to believe that you understand what back linking is.  However, I will give you the cliff notes version, just in case that isn’t true.  A backlink is when another site out there on the internet links back to your page.  The more pages that Google sees ranking back to your page, the higher they will rank it.  More importantly – the more high page rank authority pages(higher rank than your own) that link back to your page the better.  That is exactly what Social Monkee provides you.  They provide you with high page ranked social back links.  Here is a screenshot of one of my pages that I was able to rank to the coveted Number 1 spot on Google yesterday:

social monkee review

My Simple2Advertise Review ranked in the Number 1 position on Google!

And before you ask, yes I did this using only Social Monkee.

Social Monkee Review – Cost

So now that you see what you can do with this, let’s talk about what it’s going to cost you.  Social Monkee comes with several different levels of membership.  The silver membership is one time charge of $7.  The silver membership gives you the ability to create 25 back links to one page per day.  This is a nice level for someone to start out at who is testing the waters and still learning.  Upgraded membership allows you to create 100 back links to 3 pages per day for a total of 300 back links a day.  This level also allows you to set a drip rate for how long it will take to receive all of the back links.  A longer drip rate, such as 14 days, makes the links look much more natural to Google.  This membership level is great for getting posts much higher in the rankings as well trying to rank those higher competition keywords.

Another great aspect of Social Monkee is that it allows you to earn up to 40% commission on every referral to the program.  Their commissions are paid out through Click Bank.

Social Monkee Review – Conclusion

Well there you have it.  This concludes my Social Monkee Review.  Social Monkee is an excellent way to rank your pages in the search engines to generate that much needed traffic and it’s very simple to use, even for the beginners out there.  I hope you have found this Social Monkee Review helpful and you can click the image below to learn even more about them and to get started using it today!

social monkee review

Copy Paste Cash


If you are looking for some information on Copy Paste Cash then you have come to the right place.  Copy Paste Cash is an online business that is designed to be a training tool for beginner and/or struggling internet marketers that allows you to earn commissions throughout the training process.  The site is a clean and well designed one.  The first training that you will go through is posting ads to free online classified sites such as Craigslist, Backpage, etc.  Copy Paste Cash, or CPC, provides you with all of the adcopy that you will be posting, gives you a list of all the sites you can post to, as well as special instructions for each individual site.

Copy Paste Cash works on a point system as well.  You accumulate points for posting ads, receiving clicks on those ads, and for making sales.  You unlock higher levels of training as you accumulate these points.  This concept made the entire process pretty fun for me.  It almost made it feel like I was playing a game.  They even went as far as adding sound effects as well.  You will hear a chime when you receive clicks on your ads and you will hear a cash register “Cha Ching” when you make a sale.

copy paste cash

Copy Paste Cash Comp Plan

I’ve discussed the wonderful training that you will receive with Copy Paste Cash and now it’s time to talk money.  To get started in CPC you have to pay a ONE TIME charge of $29.95 with no additional cost to you.  I know that sounds crazy as most training products online that allow you to resell it for commission require you to pay a monthly subscription.  That is not the case with CPC.  Also, you will earn $25 commission every time someone clicks on one of your ads or affiliate links and buys into the program themselves.  Copy Paste Cash pays you directly into your PayPal account every 24 hours.  Once you make two sales yourself you will have paid off your entire start up cost and will be turning a profit with every additional sale.

Copy Paste Cash Income Proof

If this sounds like a good deal to you now then it’s about to sound a whole lot better.  In the past 8 days I have earned over $1,400 with Copy Paste Cash.  Provided below are screenshots of both my CPC back office as well as deposits into my PayPal account from Opportunex which is the company name that CPC has listed at the bottom of all of their pages.

copy paste cash

Screenshot of my CPC Payments tab in my Back Office.

copy paste cash

Screenshot of my PayPal activity. All Opportunex deposits are from CPC.

Simply put, this program works and it works well.  It’s generating me some awesome income right now and it is incredibly easy learn.  Who doesn’t want to get paid to learn?  Click Here to get started in Copy Paste Cash today!

Simple2Advertise Review


A Comprehensive Simple2Advertise Review

So you have recently signed up to the to Empower Network or you have been around for a little while and you’re now looking for a place where you can do some advertising but not break the bank.  I was there myself not too long ago along with thousands of other Empower Network affiliates.  I joined up with Simple2Advertise about two months ago and this Simple2Advertise Review is designed to outline my experiences with them.

simple2advertise review

What do I like about Simple2Advertise?  I very much like their capture pages.  They are unique and they tend to convert higher than the ones you have available to you in your Empower Network back office.  They convert higher because they aren’t super saturated into the market like the current Empower ones are.  Don’t get me wrong, Empower capture pages will convert as well, just not as high as Simple ones will.  Here’s a sneak peak at two of their newer capture pages.

Simple2Advertise Review – Capture Page Sneak Peak

simple2advertise reviewsimple2advertise review

These are just two of the high converting capture pages that you will have at your disposal when you join Simple2Advertise.  You have the choice of using these capture pages wherever you would like in your advertising endeavors and you can also purchase shares in their co-ops.

Let’s talk about their co-ops for a minute.  This is where Simple2Advertise really holds true to their name in my opinion.  Their co-ops take the guess work out of advertising and really makes it simple.  The co-ops generally go for $25 a share, which is cheap compared to some other co-ops that you can get yourself involved in out there.  You purchase as many shares as you would like and Simple goes out and purchases the ad for you and everyone else involved and runs it.  No need to try to come up with your own ad copy or search for the vendors yourself.  Just sit back and wait for the leads to come in.  I personally generate on average about 300-500 leads a week between Simple2Advertise co-ops and other campaigns that I am using their capture pages in.  This is my number one advertising source and the main reason behind this Simple2Advertise Review.

Simple2Advertise Review Cost

Now the nitty gritty of the whole thing, how much is it going to cost you?  The monthly subscription is $37.  That gives you access to all of their unique capture pages and banners and the ability to resell the program to others for commission.  Simple2Advertise pays $11.10 per month for ever active subscriber that you refer to the program.  So basically, if you refer 4 members you have paid for your monthly subscription with a little extra left over for yourself.  If you are a great recruiter, you can make yourself a very nice monthly income just with this.  I personally use my commission earned as an advertising budget to promote Empower.

I hope this Simple2Advertise Review has been helpful to you.  Feel free to contact me on Skype @ jkabasta if you have any questions or visit my blog.  Click the banner below to get started today.

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